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A bill moving through the California Assembly would expand the state’s authority to use automated enforcement via ticket cameras.

The Golden State already authorizes the use of red-light cameras. The ticketing tool is used in more than 30 areas around the state. Speed cameras, however, are prohibited in the state but a five-year pilot program would set up to utilize speed enforcement cameras in areas identified to have a high number of reckless driving incidents.

As introduced, included locales are Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, and the city and county of San Francisco.

The bill was amended in the Assembly Transportation Committee to add the city of Glendale and one southern California city to the pilot program.

Fines would range from $50 to $500 for offenders found exceeding the post speed by more than 10 mph. No points would be added to an offender’s license.

Revenue from ticket cameras would be used to administer the program and pay for “traffic calming measures.”

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